The Wheelhouse product is an intelligent pricing software that leverages more than 10 billion data points daily to help home listings earn 10—40% more revenue when using products like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway and VRBO. While Wheelhouse works with mountains of data, it will never throw ‘information’ at you that you can’t understand. I worked alongside the product team to help simplify and humanize how the product works with illustrative storytelling.

  • Art Director
  • Illustrator
  • UX
  • Brand Illustrations

My process of determining the key illustrations was to fully understand the Smart Pricing platform and distill the information a user would encounter into a simple and relatable concept to help customers quickly understand how combining their experiences with Wheelhouse’s data and recommendations improves their listing performance.

Image One

The cornerstone of this story is the customer’s home—a place that they take pride in and are willing to share with others to experience their city or neighborhood. Regardless of data or insight, this user may or may not have, this is an opportunity to build a dialogue around their home to get a sense of what amenities they are working with.

Image One

This is our opportunity to highlight how Wheelhouse takes your experience and analyzes millions of data points from surrounding areas and industry trends. We want to keep this storyline linear when going from a customers home to the surrounding area or state. The goal is to make the user feel like they are getting the additive tools to be a leader in their market.

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The ultimate goal is showcase how using the platform easily combines your experience and goals with Wheelhouse’s expertise and insights. It is also important to highlight how the listing process will keep getting better and better over time as we retrieve more data.

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Image One